Lead with Purpose

Imperative is the leadership development platform for the Purpose Economy. We measure what generates purpose for each of your employees and equip leaders to have transformational conversations that build agile, inclusive, and high performing teams.

Grow revenue, increase productivity and inspire your next generation of leaders by activating purpose with Imperative.

Percentage more likely a company is to report positive revenue growth if purpose-driven.

(EY Beacon Institute)

Increased productivity of inspired employees.

(Bain & Company)

More likey to have employees develop into leaders.

(Workforce Purpose Index)

100+ employers develop leaders for the new economy with Imperative

Boost Team Performance and Fulfillment

Empowering Your Managers

Your culture lives or dies based on the strength of your managers. Imperative’s online platform equips all your managers to create teams that are inspired, high-performing and inclusive based on your values and purpose.

Insights and Tools to Coach

Great managers have one thing in common – they are coaches. Imperative is designed to empower managers to serve as coaches that focus on managing potential and not just tasks.

Designed for Everyone

Imperatives provides an accessible and embeddable platform for your employees, teams and managers to discover, connect and take action based on their unique psychological purpose drivers and real-time state of fulfillment.

  • Culture is the foundation to any great organization. In order to build on that foundation, it is crucial to layer strong, dedicated employees who believe in the mission and vision of your organization. We have found that purpose is the glue that binds these not only committed but fulfilled employees. Purpose has had a profound effect not only on our leadership team but through all levels of our organization and this has positioned us for dynamic growth in delivering our mission and achieving our vision.

    Brian Behler
    CEO, Skils’kin

  • Imperative takes empowerment to a whole new level. In less than 10 minutes our employees receive a custom profile providing practical insights, recommendations, and tools to power up their purpose and career.

    Chris Leady
    Head, Global Learning & Development, Campbell Soup

  • As we have grown, our managers play a bigger and bigger role in nurturing a high-perfomring and purpose-driven culture. Imperative’s onling coaching platform has given us powerful tools to help our managers grow their own skills and coach their teams. Our team immediately embraced the new model and we have found it to be in perfect alignment with our culture and values.

    Jennifer Benz CEO & Founder, Benz Communications

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